Between Heaven and Earth

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Jutta Ströter-Bender

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” The color shades and reflections in nature are so diverse,
the shades so fine. They would go in the thousands. “

Jutta Ströter-Bender is a spiritual artist. She studied arts, history and education in Frankfurt / Main, Germany. After successful stations in art, science and universities as a professor for art (painting), she lives now in a region called  in ancient times „The old land“. Her studio is located in a former village school, on the site of a very old monastery. This was lost and destroyed in the Middle Ages, but its sacred traces and spiritual atmosphere is still vibrant.

The artists work is deeply rooted in the spiritual traditions and mythology of ancient Europe. Her intention is to explore an artistic way of imagening the world between heaven and earth, to create spaces of extensive inspiration.

„My art is a form of visual archeology of the spiritual world views from earlier periods until today.  The paintings are created with subtile layers of different colours, a long process that takes time and silence. Their strong presence opposes a fast perception, they change colours, shades and details in different light conditions during the day.

I want to address a message of respect and adoration for the reign of the spirits of nature and angels in the divine universe.“


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„ A visual archeology of the spiritual world views in former times “