” The soul has two eyes, one looks into the time, the other is directed into eternity. “

Angelus Silesius (1657)

My art ist also rooted in the ancient tradition of Christian devotion paintings and the search for concentration, prayer and peace with a manifestation of the saint.

I paint the ancient saints of my region, whom hardly anyone remembers today, such as Saint Disibod, an Irish monk and hermit, living  in the 7th century. He brought Christianity to our villages. His spiritual presence is still felt today.

And Saint Remigius from Reims (France), to whom a monastery in our region was dedicated.

My pictures of Our Lady are dedicated to her worship. This image shows the Madonna of Peace, dedicated to the 700.000 victims of the battlefields of Verdun, France, where four members of my family died in World War I in 1917.

Other images are reminiscent of the heavenly gardens, their beauty and the mystical gates leading to them.


The Holy Heart.

Oil on Canvas.
100cm x 120cm

Saint Disibod.

Oil on Canvas.
80cm x 90cm

Verdun. Madonna of Peace.

Oil on Canvas.
70cm x 90cm

Saint Remigius.

Oil an Canvas.
100cm x 120cm


Oil on Canvas.
30cm x 40cm